Packaging: Protective Hanger Tube VS Clamshell Packaging

Hanger Tube VS Clamshell Packaging

The V-DrillGuide® and V-TapGuide® come in two different packages, depending on where or who you are ordering from. You will receive either a Plastic Protective Hanger Tube or Clamshell style packaging. If you order from a store front, the drill bit guides or tap guides will normally come in a clamshell package as shown below in option “B”. This allows buyers to see pictures of the product being used and more text describing the tools.

2 Packaging Options copy

If you order online, the distributor might have chosen a “plastic storage tube” form of packaging as seen in the picture above as option “A”. All guides can safely fit into their specific protective cases. This keeps the guides more protected from the elements and easy to find in your toolbox. The hanger feature allows you to hang on a peg board, hook, or any other hanging organization for your tools. Tool organization is important for the long-lasting, durability of your tools. If yours did not come with a tube, one can be bought for a few dollars: Plastic Storage Cases.


Whether you received one in a hanger tube option or a clamshell option, the tools will still be the same, high-quality tool you expect. All of our V-DrillGuides & V-TapGuides have a Lifetime Warranty and are 100% USA Made. 

We hope you are enjoying your tap guides and drill bit guides by Big Gator Tools. Good luck with all of your projects!

If you have any questions about packaging from Big Gator Tools; feel free to reach out to us in the comments below, email us at, or call us at 1-888-Gator4u (428-6748).

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