New Product Alert: BESSEY SuperGrips™ Clamp

Adjustable Grip Pliers - Part #: SG24-PC

Customer requested! Pair this clamp with our V-DrillGuide®!

High quality & heavy duty!

BESSEY makes clamping applications a cinch with these 4 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ Pipe Clamp SuperGrips™. Lock it into place and let the clamp do the holding while you do the work.

The cradle jaw aligns and holds pipe firmly in place. Plus, the adjustable screw/lock nut (on lower lever) adjusts the jaw angle (up to 7°) for clamping tapered parts.

Pair the BESSEY SuperGrips™ Clamp with our V-DrillGuide®!
Our V-DrillGuides come in various sizes.

Contact us if you have questions as to which drill bit guide size you need or questions on the new BESSEY clamp!  


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Enjoy your projects!

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