New Product Alert: BESSEY SuperGrips™ Clamp

Adjustable Grip Pliers - Part #: SG24-PC

Customer requested! Pair this clamp with our V-DrillGuide®!

High quality & heavy duty!

BESSEY makes clamping applications a cinch with these 4 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ Pipe Clamp SuperGrips™. Lock it into place and let the clamp do the holding while you do the work.

The cradle jaw aligns and holds the pipe firmly in place. Plus, the adjustable screw/lock nut (on the lower lever) adjusts the jaw angle (up to 7°) for clamping tapered parts.

Pair the BESSEY SuperGrips™ Clamp with our V-DrillGuide®!
Our V-DrillGuides come in various sizes.

Contact us if you have questions as to which drill bit guide size you need or questions on the new BESSEY clamp!  


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